“Elite” is a word bantered around a lot in our industry.  At Premier, we do not use this word lightly. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best armed training courses in the Cincinnati area. To ensure we deliver on this mission, we teamed up with the renowned instructors from 88 Tactical, who teach many of our armed training courses. 88 Tactical embodies the meaning of “Elite” training.

88 Tactical Partnership

They are a training organization focused on helping:

  • individuals
  • families
  • businesses
  • Church Groups

Developing the confidence and ability to deal with any situation or crisis.  The 88 Tactical of Ohio team provides a variety of firearms courses, including Concealed Carry Certification, Active Killer Response, Tactical Medicine and multiple levels of Handgun and Carbine (AR-15) classes.

88 Tactical Team

88 Tactical recruits and retains the industry’s most experienced instructor cadre from the special operations military, law enforcement, and fire and rescue – many of whom continue to serve today.

Phil Chaney

Phil Chaney is one of 88 Tactical’s Senior Instructors, and serves as Premier’s Director of Training. He is a retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer 3 and a decorated combat veteran with over 25 years of specialized training and instruction. Phil is also the Director of Training for the Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) and serves as a State Certified Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and SWAT instructor.

In addition, Phil is an adjunct instructor for Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) for basic SWAT and Advance SWAT and advanced SWAT courses for the state. Phil has been instrumental in the development and instruction of the new State Basic and Advanced SWAT Schools as well as the Single Officer Response to Active Threat (SORAT) curriculum development.

Phil is not alone in his expertise. The other members of the 88 Tactical of Ohio team are highly trained and specialized individuals with vast experience.

Jim Hardman

Jim Hardman has 28 years of military and law enforcement expertise. He has a diverse background in communications, patrol operations, tactical operations and training. Jim has served as an instructor certified in Firearms Defensive Tactics/Combatives, SWAT, Active Threat, High Threat CQB, High Threat Vehicle Engagements, and as a Shoot House Instructor. Jim served in operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, earning the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, the Distinguished Service Award, and the Medal of Valor.

Dustin Mowery

Dustin Mowery has 25 years of law enforcement experience, 19 of which has been involved with SWAT.  He is team leader for the Special Response Team at a central Ohio police department and a member of the firearms/defensive tactics team. He is an assistant instructor for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) SWAT program and Defensive Tactics program. Dustin studied karate, judo, Bando kickboxing and grappling. Dustin is training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and is a ninth-degree black belt.

Eric Couch

Eric Couch has 13 years of law enforcement experience. His experience includes time as a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, and SWAT team member. His specialties include Criminalistics and Accident Reconstruction.  Eric’s SWAT team responsibilities include acting as a Breach instructor, Firearms Instructor, Force-on Force Instructor and Vehicle CQB instructor.

Rob Moore

Rob Moore is a lieutenant with a large central Ohio fire department. Robb teaches all aspects of Tactical Medicine. He is also a High Threat Vehicle Engagements and High Threat CQB Instructor and serves as the TEMS coordinator for the Ohio Tactical Officers Association.

Amber Buriff

Amber Buriff is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA certified Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor. She is also an NRA certified chief range safety officer, and certified Glock armorer, and the state leader of The Well-Armed Woman, where she oversees 14 chapters.

Dan Dean

Dan Dean has 11 years of law enforcement experience as a Field Training Office, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and SWAT assistant team leader. He has been a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past 4.5 years, and has earned the rank of purple belt.

Phil Chaney and his one-of-a-kind training staff truly provide “Elite” training at Premier Training & Shooting Center, where Excellence Meets Expectations. 

Premier Shooting & Training Center

At Premier Shooting and Training, we strive to provide our clients, members and visitors with a truly unique experience.