Ohio CCW gun laws are a matter of public record and are available to read online. However, for your convenience, we have collected key sections of Ohio law that are related to guns and CCW.

The Ohio constitution acknowledges the right to keep and bear arms. Ohio law provides very few additional restrictions on gun ownership and transactions other than the restrictions provided by U.S. federal law. Ohio gun law relates mostly to the carrying and transportation of guns.

Your Duties According To Ohio CCW Gun Laws

Do not take your handgun with you when you apply for your license at your local sheriff’s office. The ability to have a firearm carries with it certain restrictions and responsibilities, many of which are regulated by state and federal laws.

Forbidden Carry Zones

The law sets forth several places where your license does not allow you to carry a handgun. Under the law, you may not carry a concealed handgun into the following places:

  • Police stations
  • Sheriffs’ offices
  • Highway Patrol posts
  • Premises controlled by BCI 11
  • Correctional institutions or other detention facilities
  • Airport terminals or airplanes beyond screening checkpoint or other restricted areas
  • Facilities for the care of mentally ill persons
  • Courthouses or buildings in which a courtroom is located
  • Universities, unless specifically permitted
  • Places of worship, unless the place of worship permits otherwise
  • Licensed Class D liquor permit premises, if you are consuming beer or intoxicating liquor or are under the influence. If you are not consuming, and not under the influence, you may carry unless there is a conspicuous sign prohibiting carry.
  • Government facilities that are not used primarily as a shelter, restroom, parking facility for motor vehicles, or rest facility and are not a courthouse or a building or structure in which a courtroom is located. Specific government entities may allow you to carry by statute, ordinance, or policy. Consult the government entity before carrying into the building.
  • School safety zones

School Zones

As a licensee, you may have a concealed handgun in a school safety zone if you leave the handgun in the motor vehicle, the handgun does not leave the vehicle and, if you leave the vehicle, you lock the vehicle.


Our conceal carry classes meet Ohio state law requirements. You Receive:

  • 6 Hours of classroom instruction and an exam covering the following:
    • Plus an additional 2 hours of training on the range which includes live fire.
    • The rules for safe handling of a handgun
    • Proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition
    • How to Handle ammunition in a safe manner
    • Knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner
    • Gun-handling
    • A test of physical competency demonstrating safe gun handling and gun storage
    • An appraisal of your attitude toward shooting a gun in a safe manner
    • An Ohio Concealed Carry Permit Book
    • Instructions for filing an application
    • Lunch provided
    • Range time provided
    • Certification of course completion

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