JKD Unlimited Classes in Cincinnati, OH

JKD Unlimited class is comprised of multiple parts: Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai kickboxing, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Mixed Martial Arts, and the Indonesian art of Silat. This class offers the battle tested methods of weapon and empty hand fighting from Southeast Asia and beyond. All classes include multiple ranges and weapons!

Why JKD Unlimited?

Kali covers armed combat with a baton, knife, or sword as well as empty hand versus a multitude of weapons including the former and pistols and rifles.

Silat focuses on quick entries into the clinch followed by striking and takedowns to quickly dispatch attackers in a self defense or battlefield situation.

Muay Thai is the deadly art of 8 limbs! It features an emphasis on striking techniques from kickboxing and clinch ranges with sweeps and power generation.

Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do is the art created by Bruce Lee and passed through his students. It focuses on strategies featuring a strong lead and intercepting your opponent before they can strike you. This art also includes strategies around trapping, or hand immobilization.

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