Well depends on who you ask. Of course everyone has their own opinion on the best concealed firearms for women, and what works best for them, but today I got asked so I will give you my thoughts.

First, I believe it is always better on the body than off. If I have to try to dig into my purse to get my firearm, I might as well just swing the darn thing at them for all it will do in my purse.

Of course there are concealed carry purses, but even with those practice using it in situations like close contact/combat and trying to keep hold of your purse because your protection is inside it and still trying to fight off offender could become a difficult situation.

The other thought with conceal purses are when you get home to your family and maybe you have small children being able to secure your firearm and your purse so little ones are safe.

Best Concealed Firearms For Women

There are several ways to conceal carry firearms and trust me when I tell you…you can’t have too many shoes, well the same goes for holsters. Don’t limit yourself to just one kind, one brand or one person’s opinion. As women we wear different kinds of clothes everyday and you need different kinds of holsters for them.

Hiking or Riding

You have to be comfortable and confident with how you carry not just what you carry. For myself I can conceal my Glock 19, appendix style with a shirt untucked. I love my Glock 19! It is a 9mm with a 15 round magazine +1. This is my preferred choice when hiking or riding my motorcycle.

My other favorites:

  • Glock 42 (380 cal 6+1mag)
  • Glock 43 (9mm 6+1mag)

Both are very concealable for women or men and are comfortable to shoot. I love wearing my Stoner’s Holster belly band for these two firearms. Then nice thing about the belly band is…it doesn’t have to go on your belly. I usually keep my under the bra line and have my Glock 42 or 43 on the side under my arm. It is very discreet and no one can really tell you are carrying. But the belly band can also go up or down where ever is more comfortable for you. I also have the Undertech Conceal Carry Leggings which are super comfortable.


The best advise I can say is to try as many firearms as possible before deciding on your firearm. And make the decision for yourself of what feels comfortable to you, because you are the one that will have to use it. Practice, practice and practice some more. Think about how you would react to different scenarios in your head and that can help you make a game plan for your safety in a bad situation.

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Kellie Wilson
Marketing & Event Coordinator
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