You head into the New Year with lofty intentions. You’re going to hit the gym every day before work or finally become the boss. But these are the kinds of New Year’s resolutions that fizzle well before spring rolls around.

We all make them most of us break them.  At Premier we can help you can stick to your resolutions.

Premier’s New Year’s Resolutions

When you pick a resolution that’s too big and broad, it’s hard to clearly define what you want to accomplish, which can make it that much harder to reach your goal. We have rounded up a few resolutions in which you can be successful with the help of our staff at Premier Shooting & Training Center.

Get fit in the New Year

Every member of Premier has access to our exercise area.  Take a Martial Arts class.  A variety of classes are offered from children to adults we have a class for everyone.  We are looking at even expanding our current offerings.

Power Lunch

Premier Offers Power Lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday 1/2 off range time from 11 -3.  Bring your lunch to Premier, relax in our café Americana then use a little lead therapy to take away your stress.  On Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1pm -2pm utilize the ancient art of Tai Chi to regain balance in your body and in your life.

Learn a New Skill

Take one of our many classes to improve your shooting ability, learn to defend yourself and your love ones.  Learn alternative methods to self defense i.e. unarmed, tactical pen, pepper spray.

Spend More Time With Family

At Premier we are family friendly shoot together, fish together, take a class together.  Every Friday is Date Night 5-9pm.  Every September we do the member appreciation party we provide food, entertainment and fun for the whole family.  Not to mention Rozzi Fireworks.

Make a difference at work.  We offer Team Building Events, Lunch & Learns, on Site Seminars and more.