Permit Less Carry

The purpose of this paper is educational only. Proper training and education of the new laws are important. If you are going to carry it is important to learn how to do so properly.

Allen County Prosecuting Attorney Juergen Waldick said, “while the permit less/constitutional carry bill removes the State of Ohio from the responsibility of determining who may legally carry a concealed gun, it places that burden squarely upon the shoulders of gun owners. They are still responsible for knowing the laws and proper functions of the firearm

Effective June 13, 2022, people 21 or older have the option to carry a concealed gun without a permit “if they are legally allowed to own the gun.”

Who is not allowed to legally own a gun?

A fugitive from justice.

Persons under indictment for or have been convicted of any felony offense of violence.

Persons under indictment for or convicted of a felony drug offense (or adjudicated delinquent child for the commission of an offense that, if committed by an adult, would have been a felony drug offense.)

Persons who are “drug dependent, in danger of drug dependency,” or chronic alcoholics.

Persons who applied for an Ohio Concealed Handgun License and were denied.

Persons under adjudication of mental incompetence, have been adjudicated as mental defective, have been committed to a mental institution, have been found by a court to be mentally ill person subject to court order, or is an involuntary patient other than one who is a patient only for purposes of observation.

Know where you cannot bring your gun. The Federal government prohibits firearms in schools, courthouses, police stations, post offices, and other government property. This applies to both open and concealed carrying. Areas that are currently no-carry zones will remain no-carry zones. Property owners will still be able to post no-gun signs.

It’s illegal to drink while open carrying. Even if you are not intoxicated, it is illegal to have a gun while drinking or under the influence.

Traveling across the state line.

The lack of a required CHL permit or CCW can be problematic when crossing a state line. The Constitutional Carry or Permit Less Carry law that takes effect in June has no legal standing in other states. Ohio law only pertains to Ohio.

Ohio does have reciprocity with thirty-eight other states when it comes to Concealed Carry Permits.

In Ohio, you will no longer be required to carry the Concealed License if you opt to have one. If you choose to obtain a concealed handgun license, you will no longer be required to carry the physical license on your person while carrying a handgun.  However, other states may still require you to have your license with you.

Ohio will not scrap the licensing system.  A license will still be available for those that wish to have it.  Those traveling outside of Ohio may want to have a valid license to carry legally in other states. The license simply becomes optional for those who carry a concealed handgun in Ohio.

The licensing application process will not change in any way.  The same application, fees, training, and other requirements will remain the same.  This is important to maintain all the reciprocity agreements with other states.