Sean Sutton

Head Instructor: Sean Sutton

A former Marine Sergeant, Sean Sutton’s love  martial arts started as far back as his first class in 1994.  His time with the Marine’s took him to a multitude of countries around the world and exposed him to martial arts at their source.  During his military career he had the good fortune and honor to train in Hawaii under Guro Burton Richardson, the Founder of JKD Unlimited.

After diligent and dedicated training, Sean Sutton earned the Instructor rank in multiple modules under the JKD Unlimited parentage.

Since then, Mr. Sutton has served as the Advanced MMA and BJJ coach for the UFC Gym from October 2014 – July 2015 and Head Coach for numerous competitors in Cincinnati.

Sean Sutton’s Credentials:

JKDU / MMA For The Street™ Instructor- JKD Unlimited

BJJ For The Street™/BJJ Instructor (Brown Belt)- JKD Unlimited

Silat For The Street™ Instructor- JKD Unlimited

Battlefield Kali™ Single Stick Guro/Instructor- JKD Unlimited

Battlefield Kali™ Knife Guro/Instructor- JKD Unlimited

Muay Thai Functional Training System™ Kru/Instructor – JKD Unlimited

Jun Fan JKD Functional Trapping™ Instructor – JKD Unlimited

Pursuing Certification in Battlefield Kali™ Sword- JKD Unlimited

  Black Belt 1st Degree – Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)

This is Sean Sutton’s instructor test taken at JKD Unlimited Headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sean is one of few to have taken and passed this rigorous test. To see a complete list of current instructors, please go to JKD Unlimited Instructor Page.

Each round was 1 minute and 20 seconds with a one minute rest in between. The rounds were:
1) Knife versus knife, Empty hand versus Knife
2) Stick versus stick, Empty hand versus Stick
3) Kickboxing with takedowns
4) Clinch with takedowns
5) Defending the guard pass
6) Passing the guard
7) Interview game (From standing to where ever it goes)