Savate (Boxe Française)

We have the distinct honor to be certified in La Savate (otherwise known as Boxe Française [French Boxing]) under Professor Salim Assli.

“…Boxe Française (French boxing) is the fighting art from France. It is the offspring of various systems of street fighting in the late XVIII century, but exploded in popularity as early as 1820.

Before la Boxe Française was officially founded by Charles Lecour in 1838, two main stream systems of empty hand combat were already very popular; La ‘Savate’ and Le ‘Chausson’. Savate was a unique form of street fighting system using all part of the body for striking, while chausson a more mild system is, for the most part, the ancestor of the sport of Boxe Francaise. They were both being taught as a mean of self-defense. It is because of his defeat during a friendly sparring match with Owen Swift, a famous English prize rule fighter and author of several books on the subject, that Charles Lecour came up with the clever idea to combine chausson and Savate with English boxing, and created la boxe Française.” – Excerpt from Salem Assli’s upcoming book ‘‘Savate, French Boxing and Cane’’

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