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Learn Hojutsu – The Art of Shooting, an integrated fighting system that blends the use of firearms with martial arts. Mad Duck Training and Self Defense Options are co-hosting Hojustu training.

Guest instructors will be LTC (ret) Dave Grossman and LT (Ret) SOKE Jeff Hall.





Dave_GrossmanSOKE Jeff Hall


Come to the training sessions with the following.

  • Handgun
  • Strong Side Holster
  • 3 magazines
  • 750 rounds of ammunition
  • Blue Training Gun


  • Time
  • Location: Self Defense Options
  • If you hold a rating in Martial Arts you may wear your GI.  If not BDU’s are fine.
  • Cost is $375 ($175 Deposit) Includes all training sessions.


Hojutsu is martial arts for the 21st century. By applying Eastern philosophy and discipline to the training of firearms, we are able to bring firearms training to a higher level and use this training as a vehicle for self-improvement.

Firearms were introduced to Japan in the 1530’s by the Portuguese. Although some purists disdained the new weapons, others embraced them. The samurai, after all, were in the war “business”, and the addition of firearms added tactical and strategic advantages to those who used them.

In the 1575 Battle of Nagashino, an army of peasant conscripts, armed with firearms, defeated the classically trained and armed army of Takeda Katsuyori. This victory assured the inclusion of the firearm in Japanese military culture.

In typical Japanese fashion, a formalized, structured training discipline soon evolved. Hojutsu, or “fire art”, is considered a koryu, or old tradition art, predating 1868. It usually translates as “the art of gunnery”. It is better known today as Hojutsu – the Art of Shooting.

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