The Second Annual Premier Shooting & Training Center


Contest Rules & Procedures

The Shamrock Shoot is a fun fundraising event at Premier Shooting & Training Center (PSTC) to benefit local veterans.  The beneficiary of the event is the local chapter of the Easterseals Military and Veterans Services.  Net donations to the beneficiary will be determined by the gross proceeds minus the event expenses, cost of prizes, etc.

Dates & Times of the Contest:

Friday, March 15                                5:00PM – 9:00PM

Saturday, March 16                          10:00AM – 1:00PM  /  4:00PM – 9PM

Sunday, March 17                             10:00AM – 5:00PM


How is it to be done?                       

Participants donate $5.00 to enter the contest to receive a Shamrock target sheet.  Each Shamrock target sheet consists of four small Shamrock targets to shoot.

  • Participants may enter unlimited times by donating $5.00 for each Shamrock target sheet/entry.
  • Participants will shoot 5 shots from a Smith & Wesson semi-auto pistol at the “X” in the center of each of the four smaller shamrocks.
  • Target distance is to be 25 feet.
  • The 5 shots on target will not exceed three minutes.
  • A two-handed grip on the pistol is the only support allowed.
  • All participants will shoot the same S&W pistol and use 9mm Midwest ammo provided by PSTC.
  • A PSTC RSO will always be present in the shooting booth with the participants to load the magazine, place/retrieve the target, supervise the safety of the shooter and to collect and save the targets for scoring.
  • All participants must label their target with contact information:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Email address

Judging / Scoring

Targets will be collected and scored throughout the three-day contest.  All efforts will be made to keep a running total on a “leaders board” to be posted/displayed in the PSTC retail area near the contest entry location.

  • Scoring will be conducted by Easterseals personnel.
  • Scoring will be done as follows:
    • The distance from the “X” will be measured by a micrometer provided by PSTC.
    • The point of origin will be the “dead center” of the “X.”
    • The point of bullet hole insertion will be the nearest edge of the hole to the “X”, excluding any paper tearing.
    • Scoring will be recorded in millimeters to the thousandths (or hundred-thousandths, if applicable).
    • The score on each target sheet will be an average of the best four shots on each of the four targets. This will allow for one shot as an “St Patrick’s Day Mulligan.”
    • The winning marksman will be the participant with the lowest (closest to the “dead center” of the “x”) average for the four shots.


Everyone who participates will receive various “swag” and giveaways to be determined on availability by PSTC personnel.

The Grand Prize winner as determined by the above judging/scoring procedure will receive a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistol, details to be determined by PSTC personnel.


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