The anti-abduction training portion of the class goes beyond “stranger danger.” Children are statistically more likely to be harmed by someone they know. They should never go with someone they don’t know, and they should never go with someone they do know without their parents’ permission. Students will learn life-saving skills, assertive verbal and non-verbal communication, and situational awareness in a fun, safe and engaging environment.

Anti-Abduction Training Course

Premier Shooting & Training Center offers self-defense training for all ages. Youth Anti-Abduction Training is taught by instructors with experience in real world self-defense.

Students will get multiple chances to practice in role-playing scenarios with the instructors. By course completion, participants will have repeatedly used their newfound skills to assess danger, set boundaries, and respond effectively to verbal and physical aggression. We do not teach how to be a bully, but personal protection.  


The feedback we get most often from the parents are how much they appreciate the scenario part of the training. They understand it’s not enough to just tell a child what they need to do, but to actually have them do it. Putting the child in a scenario dramatically increases the chances that they will react appropriately in a real-life situation.

Some parents might be hesitant because they are afraid this Youth Anti-Abduction Training class will scare their child. To the contrary children leave less afraid & more confident after taking this class. Many of the child’s fears will be reduced, or eliminated, because they now know how to react.


  • Controlling distance with another person
  • Using voice to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation
  • How to defend, attack and escape an attacker
  • Verifying the credentials of law enforcement personnel

Our kids class provides a friendly, safe atmosphere to learn practical self-defense.  Your kids will learn to set goals, be self-disciplined, and to develop healthy habits and have fun doing it! For more information please contact us.

By: Trevor Thrasher

88 Tactical Senior Instructor