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Concealed Carry Online

NEW PREMIER Shooting & Training Center Now Offering Our Concealed Carry Class Online!


6 Hours Online | 2 Hours Range Time

Full Caption English Concealed Carry Class Online!

6 Hours Online | 2 Hours Range Time

Full Caption Spanish Concealed Carry Class Online!

6 Hours Online | 2 Hours Range Time  *  Translator required during in-person session

​Now you can take our CCW class at your convenience! This online class can be taken any time, anywhere. Once you have finished your 6-hour online class, you will schedule a time to take your physical test at PREMIER, which consists of time with instructor and range time (2-hours).


This course is designed to provide all the classroom qualifications for your Ohio Concealed Carry permit. You will receive a certificate for completing the mandatory 8-hour course. We will provide you with all the information you need to apply for your Ohio Concealed Carry permit.

“Very clear, easy to understand & thorough. I highly appreciate the online opportunity!”

-Premier Online CCW Student

“Great way to take the class based on our schedules, it was tough for us to get 8 hours together.”

-Premier Online CCW Student

“Premier’s CCW online video training was professionally done and easy to follow. I was able to start, pause and pick right back up at my convenience. When my six hours of online were complete I scheduled my 2 hour range-time and test and done – Thank you !”

-Premier Online CCW Student

CCW Online FAQ’s

Why do I get two notifications?

The first notification is your receipt of purchase and you should bring a copy of that receipt with you when you do the in-person portion of your class. The second notification will give you your password to access the on-line class.

Why didn’t I get my login credentials?

Check your spam folder, who is your carrier?  Some carriers automatically move the login credentials to the spam folder.

Why does my password not work?

Many symbols are hard to distinguish (i.e., Zero 0 or capital O).  The best way to sign in is to copy and paste the password.

Why did my registration not go through?

Please check that your credit card and the address for the credit card match.  The system will reject the card if the address on the registration does not confirm the address on the card.

Can I buy the CCW online class for someone else?

Yes, you can.  Register with your credit card information but be sure and give the gift recipients email address so they can receive the login credentials.

Is there a time limit to take the course?

No, there is not a time limit to take the course.  You may take the course whenever you choose.  The day you sign up or months later it does not expire.

Can I start and stop the course?

Yes, you can pause the course at any time and return at any time, just by clicking on the screen.

Can I register for the in-person portion of the course during the on-line process?

Yes, at the end of your course you will be directed to the in-person registration section.  You may select a date and time that works for you.  You may also change your date and time if you need to reschedule. Return to the online scheduler cancel your original appointment and reschedule.

Can I register someone else for the in-person portion of the class?

No everyone should book their own spot.  Registration is limited to 10 people per session and everyone will need to select their own time frame.

What all do I need to bring to Premier for the in-person portion of the CCW class?

Bring your certificate of verification, your receipt, currently $2.50 for ammo, and a valid driver’s license.