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De-escalation Techniques Seminar

$49 | Presented by Brian “Bucky” Buchanan

Learn how to use “Pro-Active Communication Skills” to minimize disruptions in the modern house of worship involving persons in crisis. This should be taught to all support members of the church and not just pastoral staff. Develop ways and policy to manage aggression and hostility by moving a situation forward when a person is acting out or becomes threatening to a member of your staff or congregation. Interpersonal skills evaluation to determine strengths and weaknesses for a given situation. Solo, paired or team responses to potentially violent persons making demands of the church or pastoral staff to disrupt services by various means. (Practical demonstrations) Learn how to recognize the “When, What, How” of why a crisis may be more than your staff can handle and when to involve Law Enforcement. Learn what types of crisis may lead to violence and the legal aspects of crisis intervention. Seminar presented by Brian “Bucky” Buchanan

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