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Developing a Personal Protection Plan Seminar

$49 | 3 Hours

You’ve made the decision to arm yourself for the purpose of protecting your life and the lives of loved ones. As prepared as you think you might be, you will not be the one who picks that moment. When faced with the possibility of violence, people who are not prepared enter a state of mental paralysis and freeze. The extended time it takes to process incoming information could cost you or a loved one their life, or cause you to make a poor decision that could have significant legal implications. This 3-hour course will allow you to view and discuss real-life violent encounters ranging from robberies to mall shootings. Discuss “what would I do?” In this class, participants will learn:

  • What to be aware of in order to possibly avoid a violent encounter
  • How to appropriately respond as an armed citizen
  • How to develop a plan to protect yourself and your family in and out of your home
  • How to be hard to convict if you had to use your handgun in self-defense

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