Going off to college, working late nights, employed in high risk professions, i.e. realtor, nurse, third shift, night manager, social worker, bank or convenience store employee all these everyday situations put you at risk.

You cannot always be armed in public, however whether armed or unarmed for ultimate personal safety you must be aware of your environment. Being aware of one’s surroundings and identifying potential threats or dangerous situations is a mindset.
Proper situational awareness is not something you simply get after some time as a concealed or open carrier licensee. Rather it is something that you must deliberately develop into a habit. Initially, they’re things you must think about and remember to do nearly all the time until they become unconscious behaviors.

Situational Awareness: Life Skills for Everyone

One thing that is an absolute “must do” is maintain awareness of your environment.  It is a simple concept about being in tune with your surroundings.

Instinct: Trust your Gut

Human instinct is a powerful thing. How often have you heard the words “I just knew something was wrong” from both people who miraculously escaped disaster, and those who ignored their instincts and became victims? People usually can’t quantify what was wrong, just that they had a bad feeling about a person or situation.
You’ve observed something out of the ordinary, even if you don’t know it. But if you suddenly feel uncomfortable or threatened, there’s probably a reason, trust your instinct and act on it. Teaching you how to act on these situations is our mission at Premier.


Be aware of the people around you, where they are in relationship to you. Are they in your personal space and placing you at a disadvantage if they are set on harming you? Be genuinely interested in what’s happening around you at all times. Actively and passively monitor the situation for your entire 360.
We all do it we are on our phones, on our computers not paying attention and then it happens.

Premier Shooting & Training Center

Premier Shooting and Training Center is proud to offer a full spectrum of classes and lessons, both armed and unarmed, for clients of all experience levels. We are a unique facility, combining martial arts training and classes with armed offerings, including Firearms I and II and more. No facility in the Cincinnati area offers the variety of training classes that we do. Explore our classes and sign up today!