Why Try Before You Buy

The human touch.  So often I hear people complain that they are dissatisfied with the firearm they purchased from another vendor.  This is the reason we promote the “Try Before You Buy” program here at Premier Shooting & Training Center and employ our human touch philosophy. 


Getting the right fit is critical to enjoying the shooting sport.  The staff at Premier Shooting & Training Center first demonstrates how to release the slide lock, they observe if the buyer has the hand strength to manipulate the lock.  If they don’t the staff member may recommend trying another handguns. 


Grip is key, if the handgun is to big the shooter will constantly be re-gripping each time, they pull the trigger.  They will experience more recoil and over all it will be a dissatisfying encounter.


Everyone’s hand is different so the comfort of the handgun will be different and will affect the accuracy of the shot. Our staff will offer various models and grip options for the buyer to find the perfect fit for them.


Lastly, is the trigger user-friendly?  A heavy or stiff trigger, even if the grip is correct, will not meet the needs of the buyer or make for that great shooting experience.

At Premier we hope this hands-on approach makes purchasing and gun ownership more enjoyable.  See you at the range.



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