A concealed carry permit holder in Springville, Utah, pulled his gun Friday and intervened to stop an attack against a police officer.

The incident occurred around 2 p.m., after an unidentified officer spotted Paul Douglas Anderson in a Tabatha’s Way donation bin. The officer ordered Anderson to get out and he allegedly exited the bin but refused to take his hands out of his pockets. When Anderson finally removed his hands, he allegedly did so in order to punch the officer in the face. Thereafter he allegedly punched the officer again and again.

Concealed carry permit holder Derek Meyer

Derek Meyer happened to drive by while the officer was being attacked. He passed the officer, then u-turned, parked nearby and drew his gun. Meyer aimed the pistol at Anderson and yelled at him to stop attacking the officer. Anderson bolted from the scene as responding officers arrived. The attacker, who was found hiding under a flatbed trailer, was arrested and faces several charges, according to FOX13.

Meyer said he stepped in because it was in his nature. He added

“[I didn’t do it] to get any extra attention or to have people talk about me or anything I did,” he told the news station.

Meyer added that he’s sharing his story because there aren’t enough “good stories from responsible, gun-owning people.”

Cpl. Cory Waters of Springville Police told FOX13 Meyer’s quick action helped save the officer’s life.

Police captured Anderson a short time later hiding under a flatbed trailer.


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