Brazilian Jiujitsu For The Street Classes in Cincinnati, OH

BJJ for the Street is Brazilian Jiujitsu at it’s root! In this class you will learn the ever evolving, competition tested techniques and how to apply them in real world self defense situations, with resistance!

This class also covers techniques for grappling and MMA competitions. Great for all levels!

Why BJJ for the Street?

The highly efficient art of Brazilian Jiujitsu practiced with the philosophy of JKD.  Brazilian Jiujitsu has it’s roots in Judo and Japanese Jiujitsu before it.  It was developed by the Gracie family in Brazil and made world famous by the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

BJJ for the Street is brazilian jiujitsu at it’s roots, as a full spectrum self defense art.  Techniques are focused on distance management, takedowns, and most of all: ground grappling.

Includes rolling (sparring)!

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