MMA For the Street Classes in Cincinnati, OH

Using the principles of Mixed Martial Arts, proven through the crucible of training and competition, to bring real world functional self-defense to practitioners of all levels!

Why MMA for the Street?

The primary purpose of this class is to provide the highest quality of functional self defense.   Train for self defense the same way combat athletes train for their sport.  This class uses multiple styles to create well-rounded martial arts that are prepared wherever the fight may go.  The class is split into 3 parts: Technical Precision (live drilling), Fight Proficiency (safe and efficient sparring), and Power Generation (hitting focus mitts and thai pads).

Comprehensive Lessons

  • Self Defense Scenario training
  • Stand up – Using methods from Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, and Boxing
  • Clinch – Using grips, strikes, sweeps and throws from Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Silat
  • Ground- Using proven methods from wrestling and Brazilian Jiujitsu
  • Weaponry – Armed Combat and Empty-Hand vs A Weapon based on the techniques and philosophy Filipino Martial Arts

Styles used in this class:

Muay Thai - The deadly art of 8 limbs.   Muay Thai focuses on stand up striking and grappling otherwise referred to as kickboxing and clinch ranges. – Offering certification

Boxing - Based on the western sport of boxing, this style focuses on superior footwork, defenses, and attacking with the hands.

Brazilian Jiujitsu - This art uses the ground as a barrier to create superior leverage for position dominance and submission.  Also, check out our Brazilian Jiujitsu For The Street classes!  – Offering certification

Wrestling - This ancient sport holds the title of the oldest competitive pursuit.  It involves using superior grips, throws, grappling escapes, and control positions.

Silat (For the Street) - This ancient Malaysian art separated into to two distinct branches ‘Penchak’ which means ‘Dance’ and ‘Silat’ or ‘Fight.’  Silat for the Street focuses on the latter, battle tested in the proving ground of sparring with full resistance.  “All fight, no fluff!” – Offering certification

Battlefield Kali - A weapons-based art involving combat with a baton, knife, or sword.  This art also involves empty versus these and various other weapons such as pistols and rifles.  Also, check out our Battlefield Kali classes – Offering certification

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