Jeet Kune Do Classes in Cincinnati, OH

Premier Shooting & Training Center is a renowned, family-owned, and operated organization that specializes in offering Jeet Kune Do training to clients in Cincinnati. With our instructors being military veterans and martial arts experts, our program equips you with confidence, self defense techniques, and the necessary training for tactfully handling dangerous situations. Our Jeet Kune Do training consists of mixing skill sets from distinctive martial art styles to build a flexible system that proves to be useful fighting techniques. From improving the balance and flexibility of your body to delivering maximum effect with minimum effort, Jeet Kune Do can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels in Cincinnati.

Build Strength by Taking Jeet Kune Do Training in Cincinnati

The philosophy of Jeet Kune Do includes blending techniques from multiple disciplines to develop a fighting style focused on effective self defense. From teaching progressive indirect attacks, immobilization attacks, and combo attacks to simple angular attacks or simple direct attacks, our Jeet Kune Do in Cincinnati is an eclectic, subtle style of martial art that doesn’t conform to any one style or pattern. As a unique form of martial art that forges a synergy between your mind, body, and spirit, Jeet Kune Do can improve your reflexes, instill adaptability, increase your focus and mobility, and build your ability to defend yourself nimbly.

Keep Yourself Active & Mentally Fit With Jeet Kune Do Training in Cincinnati

Our instructors at Premier Shooting & Training Center believe in equipping our students with comprehensive information, skills, and training of Jeet Kune Do — enabling Cincinnati residents to transcend techniques and naturally flow through any range of combat. We teach the various dynamic methods of attacks offered by Jeet Kune Do, including stop hits and kicks, simultaneous punching, footwork, low kicks, combination moves, perfecting your stance, etc. With our top priority being to make your body and senses more agile, our Jeet Kune Do training in Cincinnati is ideal for personal development, pushing your limits, and defeating your opponent as fast as possible while using minimal energy and moves.

Full-Service Indoor Shooting Range in Cincinnati, OH

Premier Shooting & Training Center is proud to be Cincinnati, OH’s go-to gun range. Not only do we offer unique static and tactical ranges, but we’re pleased to provide our customers with expert firearm training, self-defense classes, martial arts sessions, and so much more. We strive to offer gun enthusiasts a unique experience while staying on top of all the latest firearm aspects and information. When you choose Premier Shooting & Training Center, you’ll get all the firearms training, tools, and accessories you need in Cincinnati, OH.

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