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First Shots

Have you thought about learning to shoot but were unsure where to start?  Do you want your child and the entire family to be comfortable and knowledgeable around firearms?  The biggest challenge is just getting started. First Shots is the easy “first step” to getting there.

First Shots an Introduction to Shooting. Learning to shoot is fun, and can be shared by the entire family safely, and securely here at Premier!

We know everyone has a different level of anxiety when it comes to firearms and shooting for the first time, but learning to shoot does not have to be intimidating! First Shots is a program designed for beginners and at Premier, we are starting with .22 rifles in an easy, fun shooting environment. Before we go out on the range, you’ll be taught the necessary safety, and shooting fundamentals that help you, and your family, feel comfortable on the range. During the hands-on portion of First Shots training, our trained Range Safety Officers (RSOs) will ensure that everyone is operating their provided firearm according to our range safety guidelines.


May 03 2020


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


This event has been Canceled/Postponed


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