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At Premier Shooting and Training Center, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best armed training courses in the area. To ensure we are delivering on this mission, we have teamed with the renowned tactical trainers at 88 Tactical, who teach many of our armed training courses. 88 Tactical-Southwest Ohio is comprised of truly the best and the brightest in tactical armed training. 88 Tactical-Southwest Ohio is lead by Phil Chaney. Phil is a retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer 3 and decorated combat veteran with over 25 years of specialized training and instruction. He brings a unique blend of both combat experience and formal special skills instructor qualifications.

Check out some of the armed training courses offered at Premier Shooting and Training Center!


Handgun foundations introduces “new shooters” to safe use, storage and operation of a handgun. The class consists of lecture, demonstration, dry fire practice consisting of loading and unloading, trigger manipulation and sight alignment. This course will include a familiarization fire consisting of ten rounds under direction of the instructor with a rental firearm.


Holster Certification: $120

This course enables patrons to draw from their approved holster so as to conduct live fire training in their shooting lanes. This course is designed to enhance the overall safety of all guests while aiding in the training experience of the shooter. This is a one on one course with private instruction.



This is an introductory class focused on basic emergency medical skills. Training includes an overview of basic First Aid, Combat Mindset, airway management, and bleeding control with an emphasis on tourniquet use. This course exposes students to visually traumatic images and requires them to operate under duress. There are aspects of the training that some participants may find both physically demanding and emotionally challenging. We always train to proficiency, not to time.


Handgun I: $120

Handgun I covers Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Mindset and establishes a solid foundation to build upon for future self-defense training. This course also serves as a great refresher for the more experienced shooter to get back to “brilliance in the basics”! Class limit of 10.


Carbine I: $120

Carbine I covers fundamentals of Marksmanship, Mindset, carries and safe weapons handling. This course establishes a solid foundation to build upon for future self-defense training. This course also serves as a great refresher for the more experienced shooter to get back to “brilliance in the basics”! Class limit of 10


Handgun II: $120

Handgun II  picks up where Handgun I left off in problem solving malfunctions with a Handgun, Tactical and Speed  Reloading , safely maneuvering  around others and several carry positions with the firearm. Class Limit of 8.


AR-15 Foundations $99

AR Foundations introduces new shooters to safe use, storage, and operation of their AR-15 platform. This class consists of lecture, demonstration and a brief live fire familiarization session on the range. Students shoot the AR-15 rifle, including their own if desired, then will review disassembly and maintenance of their specific AR-15 or a similar weapon.



As a responsible armed citizen, you must have the additional ability to counter an active threat in a real world application. 88 Tactical of Ohio will provide each student with the tools to evade, interdict and if possible neutralize the Active Threat, whether in a workplace, school or commercial location.
This will be a physically demanding course, the student will be moving in and around common objects inside of rooms and a live fire range with training weapons as well as live weapons
Course requirements:
• Pistol with two to three magazines
• 120 rounds of ammunition
• Holster and magazine carrier (if available)
• Ear and eye protection
• Comfortable clothes




Our conceal carry classes meet Ohio state law requirements. You Receive:

  • 6 Hours of classroom instruction and an exam covering the following:
    • The rules for safe handling of a handgun
    • Proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition
    • How to Handle ammunition in a safe manner
    • Knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner
    • Gun-handling
    • 2 Hours of handgun training including live fire on the range
    • A test of physical competency demonstrating safe gun handling and gun storage
    • An appraisal of your attitude toward shooting a gun in a safe manner
    • An Ohio Concealed Carry Permit Book
    • Instructions for filing an application
    • Lunch provided
    • Range time provided
    • Certification of course completion