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Firearm Training

Premier offers quality firearm training at an affordable price. We offer classes for beginners to advanced.  From Advanced Handgun Training classes to beginners, our trainers are experienced, knowledgeable, and the absolute best in their field.


First Shots

Premier understands that everyone has a different level of anxiety about the shooting sports – which is why we’re now partnering with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to bring you First Shots. The program has been training people across the nation gun safety, along with handling basics, and giving them an introduction to…

Concealed Carry

This is the state mandated 8-hour class required to apply for your Ohio Concealed Carry Permit. The course covers: gun safety, kid & guns, equipment, fundamentals of marksmanship, mindset and legal considerations…

Concealed Carry Interactive

Concealed Carry Interactive Scenario 1 is a 3 hour session where CCW holders can test the following in three or more interactive scenarios: concealed handgun skills, tactics, and decision-making skills…

Handgun Foundations

Handgun foundations for “new shooters”safe use, storage, and operation of handgun lecture, demonstration, dry fire practice, loading & unloading trigger manipulation. Includes live fire of 10 rounds under direction of instructor with rental firearm…

Handgun 1

Covers fundamentals of marksmanship, mindset and establish solid foundation to build upon for future self-defense training. great “refesher” for the more expierenced shooter to get back to brilliance in basics. Round Count: 200 rounds minimum

Handgun 2

Instructors introduce elevated basic techniques for using a pistol in self defense. Focus is on safe, consistent and increasingly effective live fire techniques. picks up where handgun I leaves off Round Count: 250 rounds minimum

Handgun 3

Handgun Three takes the basics to the next level. Students will incorporate what they have learned in Handgun One & Two, to complete different drills and scenarios in barricade shooting, moving & shooting…

Pistol Cleaning

This class will teach you how to properly break down your firearm, clean and re-assemble it. You will also review range safety and etiquette…


AR15 Foundations

AR Foundations introduces new shooters to safe use and operation of their AR-15 platform. This class consists of lecture, demonstration and a brief live fire familiarization session on the range. Students shoot the AR-15 rifle, including their own if desired, then will review disassembly and maintenance of their specific AR-15 or a similar weapon. *Gun, Ammo, Eyes, Ears and Target INCLUDED*

Carbine 1

Carbine I covers fundamentals of marksmanship, mindset, carries & safe weapon handling. great refresher for the eperienced shooter to get back to “Brilliance in the basics”. 250 round minimum.

Carbine 2

Carbine 2 builds on the fundamentals of defensive shooting presented in Carbine 1. After a brief review of the key topics taught in level 1, Carbine 2 adds additional ready/shooting positions while introducing new techniques, including…